Payroll Processing

Transforming Business Through Simplified Payroll

As a national provider of PEO services, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Synuity offers payroll processing services that relieve the administrative burden of tasks, such as associated regulatory and tax reporting, and reduces your risk of corporate and personal liability. Through the integration of advanced technology, our payroll experts are able to assist you with simplifying payroll processing, including calculating and preparing tax reports, distributing year-end W-2s, tracking time and attendance, and administering payroll.

Payroll Processing and Administration Services

Faster payroll processing, such as providing same-day pay, flexible access to payroll information, and on-demand access to wages are all contributing payroll trends that employers are looking to implement as a means to not just streamline payroll, but to also provide greater transparency and improve recruiting and retention.

As a Synuity client, your payroll processing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Year-End W-2s
  • Reporting Capabilities
    • Local, State, and Federal Tax
    • New Hire
    • General Payroll
  • Online Portal
    • Employer and Employee Secure Login
  • Time and Attendance
    • Manual and electronic time punch options
    • Data collection and tracking (paid time off, overtime, tardiness)
    • Badge readers
  • General Ledger Interface
  • Direct Deposit
    • Easily move money electronically
    • Distribute funds to multiple accounts
    • Eliminate signed or mailed checks
  • VISA® PowerCash Card
    • Online access to statements and balances
    • Pay monthly bills online
    • Easily replaced if lost or stolen
Let Us Handle Your Payroll, Taxes, and Compliance